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Die September-Ausgabe von #VÖBAktuell ist da! Wir informieren über finanzwirtschaftlich wichtige Vorhaben und positionieren uns. Neues aus der Finanzwirtschaft, wichtige nationale, europäische und internationale Themen für Sie zusammengefasst: ➡️ t.co/JNCl7NPA4d t.co/1TNy6uNpyb
📍 retail payments Commitment to #instantpayments: 90% of Germany’s banks already offer instant payments. However, #promotionalbanks should not be obliged to offer instant payments, bc. it would only result in unnecessary, add. burden for this specific kind of institutions. (6/6)
The intended supervision of critical ICT providers enhances the European IT and information security while relieving financial institutions, if ICT providers will generate required supervisory proof of conformity, e.g. via certification, themselves. (5/6)
📍 digital operational resilience The @EU_Commission legislative proposal regarding #cybersecurity&supervisory practices in Europe is necessary but may not result in additional&new supervisory requirements. This would only hinder #innovation&weigh on financial institutions. (4/6)
The #VÖB clearly rejects the permission of private #stablecoins. Instead, we support a EU #CBDC solution, because important participation of banks can be included. This is essential to minimize risks&to guarantee financial and economic stability, see t.co/GJGMLyZlVr (3/6)
📍 crypto-assets&stablecoins The legislative proposal for a single rulebook&supervisory regulation for #cryptoassets entails that #cryptocurrencies are to be treated as financial instruments. Particularly, the standardized regulation of #stablecoins, such as #libra, is important.
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